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If you are looking to lose weight fast then you have come to right place. Losing weight and keeping it off is a struggle many of us have endured.

There are many reasons why we can become overweight to begin with including: poor dietary choices, family history, inflammation, leaky gut and lack of exercise. Dr. Dave HEALTH™ focuses on transforming you both physically and mentally to support you in your weight loss goals. Once you learn how and why “your body” reacts to the foods you eat and the exercise you enjoy, it becomes very liberating and helps you achieve long term success.

Dr. Gentile has broken down his weight loss solutions program into two main areas, Medical Weight Loss and Non Medical Weight Loss. The former involves direct consultations with him ( usually in office and can also be done using tele-medicine ) while the latter is generally self-managed with his professional guidance. Part of the Medical Weight Loss Solutions program is getting your blood work prepared by a professional lab for complete analysis first. It is these blood tests that help Dr. Dave™ properly define and create a personal medical weight loss solution tailored specifically to your needs. When you choose the Non Medical Weight Loss Solutions program you will have your initial consultation and follow that up over a 6 week period that starts with a 2 week detoxification protocol.

The results speak for themselves as we have several patient testimonials to share with you very soon ( expected to be live on the website by October 01, 2016 )

You will find all sorts of valuable weight loss related information on this website including some really tasty “HCG friendly” recipes and many useful blog articles. The HCG Protocol ( Human Chorionic Gonadotropin ) is a very popular protocol used by dozens of patients to lose weight fast. We are currently creating a standalone website page for this service due to it’s increasing popularity.

Dr. Gentile is a Board Member of Xymogen and is proud to offer pharmaceutical grade supplements as part of his practice. You will find a menu link to “shop now” that will be active by mid to late September 2016 where you can review and then purchase a variety of supplements many of which Dr. Dave™ likes to refer to as his “Desert Island Supplements”. Each supplement listing on these pages has its own short video with Dr. Dave™ outlining the benefits for you.

Thanks, very much, for dropping by our website today. We are in the process of building more useful content to help you finally say, “I am doing it.”

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