The Hard Truth about Weight Loss
Weight loss, body image, and composition are becoming a big concern to a growing majority of Americans. If you are like most people it’s an ongoing battle to shed pounds and burn fat. Some people desperately need to lose weight fast to keep type 2 diabetes in check because of excess fat or obesity issues.

Overweight people are looking for that quick fix, the next big diet fad, or special foods to help them lose weight fast. News flash! There is no easy solution to losing weight, offsetting obesity, or eliminating the effects of metabolic disease. Body composition, weight, and overall health are 80% established by what you eat. That is a big percentage. It’s also why it’s so difficult to shed inches and burn fat, plus have the body image you want.

What if you learned that only a small percentage of the foods you consume on a daily basis will lead to a healthy body weight? Suppose you were advised to give up the vast majority of the foods you love to eat? In all likelihood you would not agree and would probably be angry even hearing this information. Sorry, but it’s mostly true; the average American diet, doubles if not triples the amount of bad carbohydrates (aka, refined and processed carbs) we eat daily. In turn, this packs on weight and drives insulin resistance, plus it progressively creates a health crisis in many people.

Health and nutrition professionals are now telling people to eat healthier foods to lose weight. Certain foods can be a great start toward weight loss, but there is much more involved. In most cases, weeks of gradual dietary changes would need to be made to assure success. Once your diet has changed to nutritionally-dense foods that support burning fat and include low to no bad carbs and sugars, it may still take months to fine-tune your eating habits for lasting and significant results.

If you are looking for real solutions to promote weight loss, insure a healthy diet, and improve your life, start by checking carbohydrates as well as calories. Remove processed sugar from your diet, and stop eating refined grains and processed foods as much as you can. Most of us just eat too many carbohydrates, especially the bad ones. This places our insulin levels on a perpetual roller coaster ride and that makes real weight loss nearly impossible. Exercise can be a very good thing, but it is not the answer to losing weight fast as long as insulin levels are erratic.

Properly managing what we eat is not simple in today’s world. We’re constantly bombarded with commercials and advertisements promoting sugary products, processed foods, and fast foods for our on-the-go lifestyles. This is the cold hard truth as to why 98 percent of all diets and trendy foods fail us miserably. They do not get to the underlying problem of how our bodies work to manage our misinformed approach to a balanced combination of key macronutrients, carbs, proteins, and fats.

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