Warning! Weight Loss Scams Have Gone Wild
American markets are currently flooded with an endless number of weight loss products and are spawning more and more scams every day. Most weight loss scams typically include unspecified research, unrealistic claims, and a broad range of false benefits. Nearly all guarantee you’ll lose weight fast.

Suppose you had an uncommon medical condition and sought treatment. Then you were put on a treatment plan that had a 95% failure rate. Would you be okay with that? What if you found out that your “trusted” health-care providers knew all along that the treatment protocol was likely to fail but never disclosed it? Plus, all the while they continued to rake in huge profits?

You then found out that you were only one of a number of victims fooled by this practice. You’d likely be outraged that it should be allowed to continue. Don’t you think that outrage would certainly grow if you found out that approximately 2.8 million people die each year from a preventable but poorly treated disease that affects over 500 million people? In the US alone more than two-thirds (68.8%) of adults are considered to be overweight and more than one-third (35.7%) of adults are considered to be obese.

The truth is the disease this article is referring to is obesity. Sadly, the negligent and deceptive treatment of this disease is putting those with severe obesity (a BMI of 40 and over) in jeopardy.  Many are put on a fad diet that either doesn’t work, or if it did, it was only temporary. Most dieters gain back all the weight they lost (and often more) when they stop the diet.

We’ve all been raised with the conventional wisdom that if you overeat you will get fat. Far too many people, including poorly informed doctors, mistakenly believe that those who are obese are greedy and/or lazy. These same people believe the inability to burn fat and shed pounds is simply because the dieters won’t stop eating more than they need and start to exercise. This type of faulty logic is then reinforced by a host of anecdotal testimonials from those who claim they have lost tons of weight on the latest fad diet or supplement plan.

Diet fads and supplements promising to make you lose weight fast are everywhere. It is impossible to turn on the TV, flip through a magazine, or surf online without being bombarded with assurances that these fad diets and products work wonders. All fad diets claim they help you shed pounds and lose fat, plus improve your body image and gain optimal health and wellness. You’ll be shown sexy before and after pictures with catchy names as these scammers drive a multibillion-dollar industry of fad diet plans and bogus weight loss products. Finally, they allegedly “guarantee” you will shed pounds and lose fat in the shortest amount of time possible.

The victims of these scams are basically good people that have been struggling with their weight, sometimes for years or even decades. They go from one diet to another, and each time they get more and more depressed as the pounds they lost keep coming back, and then some.

All the while, weight loss companies that are hawking dietary supplements rake in billions of dollars in profits annually. In fact, the very same multinational corporations that make the unhealthiest foods own many of these companies that specialize in bogus fad diets and supplements. First, they make money selling you junk foods that they know will addict you and make you fat. Then they continue to drain you of money as you try in vain to lose that weight.

Those who have tried these fad diets and bogus weight loss supplements will generally report that initially they lost weight rapidly, but then it slowed and finally stopped. When they came off the program the weight just came right back. Many end up on these yo-yo diets plans without achieving any meaningful solutions to their being overweight in the long term.

Perhaps it’s time to seek a medical weight solution that will restore your faith and give you confidence. Then you can lose weight fast and keep it off!

* Medical Disclaimer: This blog article is for informational purposes only. The information discussed here does not take the place of treatment from a licensed physician or healthcare professional. The author expressly disclaims responsibility from any adverse effects arising from the application of any information contained in this blog. All information is anecdotal – based solely on the opinions, observations, experiences and interpretation of data available to the author.